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 Are you losing your battle with back pain?

Do you have persistent back pain or neck pain which is having a negative impact on your life? We can help!
Get in touch today and one of our IDD Therapists in Kingsbury will call you and discuss your case and symptoms and if it’s appropriate for you, book your first consultation and IDD Therapy session.

Need something more for your pain? We are the only clinic in North West London to offer IDD Therapy

Have you been diagnosed with a slipped, prolapsed, herniated disc or sciatica?
Is the pain disturbing your sleep? Does it take you forever to get moving and dress in the morning?
Is sitting down or getting out of a chair a nightmare?
Have you tried osteopathy, physiotherapy or acupuncture and found that it didn’t work for you?
Have you been told that surgery or an injection is the next step?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then IDD Therapy may be for you. 
Here at IDD Osteopaths, we offer a disc care clinic that specialises in the treatment of chronic back pain and slipped, herniated or prolapsed discs.
We use a new technology called IDD therapy that is non-invasive, gentle and highly effective for the treatment of disc injuries and back pain. It provides an alternative to surgery and injections.

So if you want to break freefrom a cycle ofpainkillers, sleepless nights and struggling to do
your daily tasks
, then watch the video below for more information or call us for a free telephone consultation.

What is IDD therapy?

IDD therapy

IDD Therapy is a New, Gentle and Highly Effective treatment for low back pain!
See IDD Therapy in Action!

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) therapy is the successful and trusted non-surgical spinal decompression treatment for back pain, neck pain and related conditions such as sciatica. It is particularly useful for the treatment of prolapsed, bulging or slipped discs. 

 We hope you found the video useful and can see exactly what IDD therapy is all about and to introduce some of the science behind it. You will have seen that:
 •IDD helps to get you moving again by improving the mobility in your spine.
•IDD targets the segments of the spine that are causing your pain using computer controlled pulling forces.
•IDD helps relieve back pain and sciatica by taking the pressure off specific discs and nerves in the spine
•IDD targets and relieves pain caused by muscle spasm and nerve root compression caused by bulging discs, prolapsed discs and slipped discs. 

 So, why choose IDD Therapy? 

* Your current treatment is not working or only giving you very temporary relief.
* You are taking painkillers and would like to
* You are seeking long-term pain relief.
* You want to return to normal daily activities.
* You are considering invasive treatment such as injections or surgery.

Clinic Director Nicola McLennan :

“IDD therapy is ideal for you if you have ongoing back or neck pain that is not improving with painkillers or hands on treatment and/or have been diagnosed with a slipped, bulging herniated disc or sciatica. As osteopaths we specialise in back pain but some conditions, particularly disc injuries, don’t always respond to treatment. For years we referred these patients for injections or in severe cases for surgery. When we discovered IDD therapy we were delighted to find an effective alternative and promptly became the first IDD providers in our area!” 

The Osteopath and Disc Care Clinic in Kingsbury, North West London is part of a UK network of IDD Therapy providers which includes physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic clinics as well as some hospitals, and over 1,000 providers internationally. 

Get your life back on track with IDD therapy!  Please see some feedback we have received from patients undergoing IDD therapy in our clinic!

 Want to know more? 

 For more information or to book an assessment call us on 07957 976 865 or
email us at: and we will be in touch. 

 IDD Therapy treatment is one treatment tool we use and as part of your assessment we will advise you on the most applicable treatment for your individual needs.

We look forward to seeing you. 

So, Why Choose IDD Therapy?

Here at IDD Osteopaths, we specialise in treating low back pain using IDD Therapy. 
The results are stunning, startling and dramatic!

"The Standard of care is amazing!"
"I have been visiting both Nicola and James over the last few months with disc issues and I'm delighted with the direction of treatment. The standard of care is amazing, they are highly professional, along with their acute attention to detail and ability to make you feel at ease. I really would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone!"

- Robert Donaghue, Ealing, Engineer
Robert Donaghue
"I can lift my children again!"
"3 months ago I had terrible back pain, with pain and numbness in my leg. I was unable to sit down and sleep due to the pain. I was diagnosed with a slipped disc, and my osteopath recommend IDD therapy, which I never heard of! I was nervous but my osteopath reassured me that IDD therapy was safe, gentle and effective. After 12 sessions all my pain was gone! I can lift my Children again! All thanks to IDD Therapy!"

- Anna Marie, Kingsbury
Anna Marie

Get in touch today and one of our IDD Therapists will call you and discuss your case and symptoms and if it’s appropriate for you, book your first consultation and IDD Therapy session! 

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